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Haddenham Community Library will be OPEN again from

 Tuesday 13th April!


Link to the County Library Service from our website for more information

The Trustees, Volunteers and Library Manager are delighted to be able to welcome you back into the library. Books may be returned, collected if reserved, and borrowed from those on our shelves. Access will be available in the library to a public computer and the Council Access Point free phone. 

For the safety and peace of mind of customers and staff we will be following  the necessary and required precautions to prevent the transmission of the corona virus e.g. social distancing, hand sanitisation, quarantining returned books and wearing face coverings, until advised it is safe to do otherwise.


Returning Books

When we are open, returning books should be placed in the plastic boxes at the front door. All books are quarantined before being returned to the shelves. All fines are waived until 30th April for overdue books so please do bring them back before then.

When the library is closed, books may be returned to ANY library in Buckinghamshire. Please check the county library website for details of their opening hours.


Opening Hours


Tuesdays 10am - 1pm

Thursdays 2pm - 5pm

Fridays 10am - 1pm

We will be open again from Tuesday 13th April 2021.

Please come to see us!


Costa Book Awards Category Winners

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Book Clubs Are All The Rage!

Haddenham Community Library volunteers have a book club, the library serves local book clubs by ordering and lending reading sets, and the Duchess of Cornwall has launched her own virtual book club, The Reading Room, on Instagram. The Duchess considers reading to be "a great adventure", author Nikesh Shukla describes books as 'mirrors' to your own life and as 'windows' to other worlds, and since the beginning of lockdown it is estimated that 40% of children are reading more than normal. Sharing the experience of reading is clearly comforting. 

And if you are looking to expand your reading during lockdown, why not join the Ten-Minute Book Club which "aims to make a great conversation about literature possible, and to offer a quick and accessible way into some of the greatest writing by extraordinary writers from all backgrounds". Every Friday they will post a free literary excerpt that can be read in just ten minutes. Each extract has been chosen by Oxford academics, and is paired with free resources and an introduction by an expert suggesting themes or contexts to think about as you read, by yourself or in discussion with family, friends, colleagues, or anyone else you’d like to connect with.

And if you like the excerpt - borrow the book from the library!

May Book of The Month

Bucks County Library

Saving Missy


Beth Morrey


In a world where our movements are restricted due to Coronavirus, many more people are beginning to rely on computers and tablets for reading as well as socialising. If you need help to get started or would like some tips to further your understanding, you might like to try this free resource.


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